Late 2014 is when we first set out bringing our world of cocktails to the entire UK! The problem was, we had barley any capital to do this due to the managing director taking a few years out to travel around the world just before hand! After successfully gaining investment in early 2015 we embarked on the mission on brining full glasses of fun to the UK!

With a jam packed year under our belts of which included trips from Bath to Newcastle and beyond shaking with Hens, Bridesmaids, Teachers and CEO’s of HUGE companies, splashing smiles form wall to wall of offices, holiday cottages and hotels!


Late 2015 the gin trend is full swing we started trailing our new mobile gin tasting experience, we are still not sure who loved it more us or our guests! With the love in the air we are pleased to be offering a totally mobile interactive gin tasting experience from Jan 2016!

IT DOESN’T STOP THERE – Yeah, 2015 was super busy! When not out shaking up fun or talking about the finest craft gin the world has to offer we have been busy in the workshop (making cider, that’s another story) building our bespoke mobile cocktail & beer bar, suitable for so many occasions most popular being weddings, festivals & birthdays!

Stay tuned,

Joe Abbott